The National Republican Senatorial Committee released a Web ad today that strikes at Harry Reid’s Las Vegas fund-raiser last night, blasting the Senate majority leader for throwing a “blowout” Hollywood party at Caesar’s Palace on Tuesday. The ad, called “Caesar,” charges that he’s “turning to his millionaire celebrity and Washington lobbyist friends to bail him out.” Bette Midler and Sheryl Crow headlined the event and are mentioned in the spot.

The script:

Voiceover: While Nevada families are hurting, and losing their jobs…
VO: Harry Reid is throws a “blowout” Hollywood party for himself at Caesar’s Palace

What’s different is that the ad doesn’t even mention President Obama, who spoke at the fund-raiser — perhaps a signal of the president’s popularity vis a vis Reid. The link of a Democratic candidate to Hollywood is a familiar attack, one that Republicans actually have deployed less and less over the years. In fact, Obama’s willingness to appear at a Vegas fund raiser last night and a Beverly Hills event tonight is an indication that the White House doesn’t see the celebrity rap as potent as it once was.