Politico looks at the prospects of sending a high-level envoy, like Al Gore, to win the release of Laura Ling and Euna Lee, but they also got a comment from Gore’s spokeswoman that sheds some light on his involvement and why Current TV has been so silent.

“Former Vice President Gore has no comment on this matter for reasons that he hopes are understandable. He is grateful for the close attention being paid by the president and members of his administration. Gore has not spoken publicly but has reportedly spoken to the families of the journalists and is coordinating closely with the White House,” said Kalee Kreider.

In the Los Angeles Times today, James Rainey reports on the outlandish comments that he’s received in reporting the story, which amount to the argument that the two reporters shouldn’t have been over there in the first place.

He cites San Diego radio host Chip Franklin, who said on his show earlier in the week, “I just think it was irresponsible and it’s put the United States and 300 million people in a very difficult position,” Franklin responded, going on to say journalists should proceed only when they won’t put their “nation and other people’s lives at risk.”

Rainey writes, “So when would it be entirely safe, without any possible pitfall, to report on a regime that’s spent decades repressing its own citizens and menacing the world community?”