That, and other news, in today’s Roundup and Recap.

Fox’s “24” wrapped up its season last night, in an episode that some critics say appears to conclude that brutal interrogation tactics “are more or less OK as long as the interrogator can live with himself — or on this instance, herself,” writes the New York Times Ginia Bellafante.

More reaction here, in which William Bradley argues that the show has been “mostly coming down on the side of torture.”

Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood featured a running Twitter feed of the show’s finale here.

Reid’s Fundraiser: Anne Schroeder Mullins of Politico has more details of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s plans for a fund raiser in Las Vegas next week, a Caesar’s Palace gala that will feature President Obama, Bette Midler, Sheryl Crow and Rachael Yamagata. Polls show Reid faces a tough race for reelection next year.

FCC Inquiry: The Washington Post reports that the FCC is looking into Arbitron’s radio measuring technology and whether it undercounts minorities in its sampling.

Dreamworks’ King Rights: Dreamworks has acquired the life rights to Martin Luther King, with plans for the first biopic authorized by King’s estate, including the use of the civil rights leader’s “I Have a Dream Speech.” Steven Spielberg, Suzanne de Passe and Madison Jones will produce the pic, with no word yet on who will direct. King’s estate has been mired in a family squabble over who controls the papers of Coretta Scott King.

Rahm’s Role: The Associated Press reports that White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, when he was an Illinois congressman, sought answers from then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich when a state grant for a school in his district failed to arrive. Prosecutors say that the governor hatched a scheme to get his brother, Ari Emanuel, to hold a fund-raiser for him in exchange for releasing the money, the AP says. No fund-raiser was ever held for the governor, who was little known in industry circles back then.

007 in WW: Pierce Brosnan visits the White House today to press the cause of saving whales.

Rapper Lobby: The Hip Hop Caucus transfers its election season energy to Capitol Hill.