ElizabethtaylorElizabeth Taylor’s still got it — the kind of clout the comes with mega-movie stardom and great lady-dom.

Per La Liz’s press rep, the WGA has agreed to temporarily pull its pickets outside of Paramount Pictures on Dec. 1 to allow Taylor to appear alongside James Earl Jones in a staging of A.R. Gurney’s “Love Letters” on the lot as a benefit for her AIDS/HIV-related charities. (Dec. 1 is World AIDS Day.) Taylor was adamant about not crossing a picket line, so she reached out to WGA West chief Patrick Verrone, who responded swiftly, per Taylor’s press rep. The event is expected to raise $1 million.

Said Taylor in a statement: “The Writers Guild of America has shown great Jamesearljones humanity, empathy and courage by allowing our little evening to move forward. Everyone knows that my heart belongs to people with HIV and AIDS. I also share my heart with people who must battle unfairness. Without the gifts of writers, the world would be rather empty. I beseech those in power to treat members of the Writers Guild of America with fairness and decency.”

Said Verrone in a statement provided by Taylor’s press rep: “The Writers Guild of America West takes great pride in the wide-reaching charitable work of our membership and of our associates in the entertainment industry. We admire Dame Elizabeth’s 25-year effort to initiate and carry forward the effort to address HIV/AIDS. Picketing is an essential instrument of our strike, but we are willing to suspend the picketing at this location temporarily to facilitate this fund-raiser and the return of a great actress to the stage.”

And while we’re supporting worthy causes, here’s to hoping that by Dec. 1 there won’t be any need for pickets outside Paramount or any other studio.

–Cynthia Littleton