‘Geeky’ scores Japanese first

Pic premieres online, in theaters on same day

TOKYO — “Fujoshi Kanojo” (My Geeky Girlfriend), a pic based on a hit blog that has generated 11 million page views, will bow on the same day in theaters and on the Internet — a first for the Japanese biz.

The pic, a romantic comedy about a beautiful otaku (geek) girl who falls for an ordinary guy, will be released in theaters by distrib SPO on Saturday. Starting on the same day, fans will be able to see the pic on the ShowTime website and the iMovieGate mobile site for 1,000 yen ($10) — the price of a standard advance pic ticket.

The simultaneous theatrical/web release is a first for a Japanese pic, though distribs have tried advance and limited screenings on the Internet while pics are still in the theaters.

The pic, which is helmed by Atsushi Kaneshige and stars Shunsuke Daito as the guy and Wakana Matsumoto as the geeky girl, is based on a blog by a writer with the handle Pentabu that has also been made into a hit comic and novel.