MADRID — Two pics about personal journeys — “Onde esta a felicidade?” and docu-feature “Brasil somos dos” — have pulled down key coin from the Galicia-Brazil Co-Production Aid Fund.

“Felicidade” will receive Euros 120,000 ($167,160), “Dos” grabs $111,440. Funding is in the form of non-returnable grants.

Helmed by Carlos Alberto Riccelli, “Felicidade” chronicles the pursuit of happiness by a Brazilian TV host who, having lost her job and marriage, decides to walk Spain’s Camino de Santiago. Pic is 59% financed by Brazil’s Pulsar. Remaining equity is put up by Anton Reixa’s Filmanova Invest, in a return to direct feature film production.

Set largely in Brazil, but 80% financed by Galicia’s Keltia’s Produccions, Robert Bellsola’s “Brasil somos nos” follows charismatic Galician bagpipe player Carlos Nunez who attempts to find the resting place of his grandfather, who emigrated to Brazil in 1904, only to disappear from public notice.

Further 20% funding for “Nos” is covered by Rio de Janeiro’s Bossa Nova Films, one of Brazil’s biggest commercials, film and TV companies, which is developing a strong line in cosmopolitan docu-features: In May, it announced it was co-producing “Tropicalia,” about the ’60s Brazilian movement, with Fernando Meirelles and Andrew Eaton and Michael Winterbottom’s Revolution Films.

Nunez is publishing a record to accompany the film.

“Documentaries adapt well to the conditions of the fund, and have interesting international sales prospects,” said Ignacio Varela, director of the Galician Audiovisual Consortium.

Unveiled September 2007 at the San Sebastian festival, the Co-Production Fund is backed by Brazil’s National Cinema Agency, Ancine, and the Galician Audiovisual Consortium, the region’s film board.

Winning funding in its second round of adjudications, “Nos” is the first documentary supported by the Galicia-Brazil Fund.

Fund’s first-round recipients, Xavier Villaverde’s “O sexo dos anxos” and Alberto Graca’s “Absence” are now in pre-production.