It’s been nearly two decades since “My Cousin Vinny” was released, but it recently managed to eke out an extra $200,000.

That’s the amount of money that Bollywood production house B.R Films paid to settle a dispute with 20th Century Fox over remake rights in India for the 1992 pic.

Ironically, “Banda yeh bindaas hai” filmmakers thought they had a deal with Fox to legally remake the movie. However, Fox sued, saying there was no firm pact.

Hollywood frequently accuses Indian cinema of ignoring copyrights, so the settlement was a significant victory even if it was not a deterrent.

Warner Bros. sent a legal cease and desist notice to filmmaker Vipul Shah over reports he would remake “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”

Another producer, Firoz Nadiadwala, is planning a remake of the studio’s “The Hangover.” According to the Times of India, Nadiadwala has reportedly hired helmer Anees Bazmee (“Singh Is Kinng”) to direct the remake after he’s done with “No Problem.”

However, a Warners spokeswoman said the studio has no plans to make an Indian version of the pic nor have the rights been sold to anyone.