Talks between Bollywood producers and multiplex owners in India over sharing box office revenues broke off Tuesday without reaching a settlement.

Distribs have withheld pics since April 3 because exhibs continue to refuse their request for a 50-50 share of B.O. extending through the run of a film.

Plex owners want a 50-50 split the first week, 60-40 in their favor the second week and 70-30 the third.

The latest meeting was held at Mumbai’s Yash Raj Studios and attended by reps of multiplex chains PVR, Inox and Cinemax, among others, while filmmakers Mukesh Bhatt, Yash Chopra, UTV and Indian Films represented the producers-distributors side, according to the Press Trust of India.

Cinemas have been showing reruns and some Hollywood fare for the past four weeks. No big releases were skedded for this time of the year as auds are otherwise occupied: Students have final exams, and Indian Premier League cricket matches are under way.

“Producers and distributors are discussing their game plan,” said Ken Naz, prexy for North America at Eros Intl. “Right now with IPL, you can’t release a movie and make it a success. But IPL is coming to a close.”

One idea being kicked around is to release pics in single-screen cinemas, of which there are still many in the country. Owners of those theaters have a different formula for sharing B.O. revenues.