Rogers busy at L.A. Screenings

Canadian co. nabs rights to 'Parenthood,' 'Family'

With the Canadians back home following last week’s trip to the L.A. Screenings, the networks’ pickups are being leaked out and it appears Rogers opened its checkbook more than anyone else.

Rogers, which owns City-tv stations, bought from almost every studio, confirming pre-Screenings predictions that Rogers would be aggressive in its purchases.

Net, which already airs “30 Rock” and “Parks and Recreation,” picked up more comedies than dramas, an unusual occurrence during the Screenings.

On its slate are “Trauma,” “Parenthood” and “100 Questions” from NBC Universal; “Accidentally on Purpose” from CBS Studios Intl.; “Modern Family” from Twentieth; “Community” from Sony; and “Cougar Town” from Disney.

CTV picked up a half-dozen new shows, and all for less money than in years past. New to the CTV slate is “Flash Forward” from Disney; “Eastwick,” “The Middle,” “Hank” and “Vampire Diaries” from Warner Bros.; and “The Beautiful Life” from CBS Studios Intl. All except “The Middle” and “Hank” are dramas.

“Prices were lower. I would call it a reset year,” said CTV president Susanne Boyce. “Everyone around the world is feeling the same crunch.”

Boyce said there were few, if any, bidding wars going on between her net and rivals Rogers and Global. She didn’t feel the need to stockpile shows considering CTV is the ratings leader in Canada.

“We didn’t have to buy very much. We were trying to keep the schedule stable,” she added. “We were being very cautious.”

CanWest Global did most of its buying from Twentieth, where it acquired “Glee,” “The Cleveland Show” and “Sons of Tucson.” Pickups “NCIS: Los Angeles” and “The Good Wife” come from CBS Studios Intl. It also acquired “Brothers” from Sony.

The Canadian upfronts begin next week, so it’s imperative the Canucks buy as soon as possible and present lineups to potential advertisers. Shows often run day and date with broadcasts in the States.