Puchon invites 19 pics to It Project

Korean film festival unveils lineup for genre mart

SEOUL — Korea’s Puchon Fantastic Film Festival has unveiled the lineup for It Project, the genre project mart that runs as part of its industry program, the Network of Asian Fantastic Films.

Fest has invited 17 features and two animated films from 10 countries for the mart, which will take place July 19-23.

The lineup includes three films co-produced by U.S.-based production houses: “The Tempest,” a futuristic horror fantasy by U.K.-born and Japan-based helmer John Williams; “Breaking Point,” an action drama by helmer Ham Tran (“Journey From the Fall”); and “Chased,” a gangster actioner by helmer Ezra James Emerson.  

The selection also has a strong presence of international co-production projects.

Korea’s production and investment house Barunson Film Division (“The Good, the Bad, the Weird”) will introduce its co-production project “Numeric Love” (working title), a romantic drama helmed by Japanese director Hiroyuki Nagano (“Samurai Fiction”).

South African production shingle Distant Horizon will introduce Filipino helmer Ato Bautista’s thriller “Neighbor No.13,” while France based Korean director Ly Jin will also present a Korea-France co-production, “Space Gore.”

The selected projects will compete for cash awards and post-production support, as well as being given the opportunity to meet international film producers and investors.  

The Network of Asian Fantastic Films will also hold NAFForum plus the Fantastic Film School, to encourage the development of the genre film industry. The 13th Puchon Fantastic Film Festival will run July 16-26.

Official Selections for the It Project are:

“Neighbor No.13,” Ato Bautista (Philippines/South Africa) 

“The Arsonists,” Ha Jun Won (Korea)

“Tattoo War,” Yue Weng Pok (Singapore)

“Tsubaki Hime,” Yu Irie (Japan)

“The Visitor,” Joshua Tong (China)

“Soul Station,” Abraham Lim (Korea)

“Shuffle,” John Hsu (Taiwan)

“Planet of the Noses,” Rox Lee (Philippines)

“I Am Real,” Yew Kwang Han (Singapore)

“Numeric Love” (Working Title) Hiroyuki Nakano (Korea/Japan)

“Rigor Mortis,” Quentin Lee (Hong Kong/China)

“The Tempest,” John Williams (Japan/U.S.)

“Burn the News!” (Working Title) Kim Byung Woo (Korea)

“Breaking Point,” Ham Tran (U.S./Vietnam)

“Chased,” Ezra James Emerson (Hong Kong/U.S.)

“Space Gore,” Ly Jin (Korea/France)

“The Nail,” Mike Wiluan (Singapore)

“Survivor,” Kang Hyo Jin (Korea)

“Trai Cay in Korea” (Working Title), Hidehiro Ito (Japan)