Paul Flores

DigiPen Institute of Technology, Class of '09

When Paul Flores came to DigiPen, a leading college for videogame designers, he decided to boost his future employability by focusing on programming. But in his senior year, he expanded beyond that skill to start designing what faculty describe as some of the best student projects at the school.

“It’s great to have the programming background, because I have that skill and I can communicate with programmers,” he explains. “But I’ve discovered design is what I want to do.” Though games are often thought of as massive, 100-person-plus projects, there’s a growing market for small indie games, exactly the type that college students can produce.

At DigiPen, Flores notes, it’s not as much about the skills he’s learning as the opportunity to indulge in the creative process and come out with the products that show that even though your diploma may say “programmer,” you’ve got the chops to do much more.