Jones dives from ‘Moon’ into ‘Deep’

Submarine drama based on true story

“Moon” helmer Duncan Jones is swapping outer space for the underwater with “Escape from the Deep.”

Project is an adaptation of Alex Kershaw’s book about the real-life WW2 story of the U.S. Navy submarine USS Tang, which was hit by one of its own torpedoes and sunk to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. The crew members then had to escape from their iron coffin while enemy depth charges were being dropped from above and swim 180 feet to the surface.

Kershaw is penning the screenplay, which Jones will direct. U.K.-based shingle Brilliant Films’ Joe Abrams and Rory Gilmartin will produce. Brilliant is funding the project’s development from its in-house fund.

“Having been fascinated by submarine films like ‘Das Boot’ and ‘Crimson Tide,’ it’s a really unique opportunity to tell an amazing story like this that is actually true,” Duncan Jones told Variety.

Project is set to go into production sometime next year.

Jones is also looking to start work on his next project “Mute,” which is described as the flip side to the Sam Rockwell starrer “Moon,” about a lonely astronaut nearing the end of a three-year stint spent mining helium.

“This is a bigger, more commercial film than ‘Moon,’ although it is another science fiction project,” commented Jones. “It’s a thriller set in Berlin in the future.”

Jones is currently out to cast on “Mute,” which he also scripted.