French films tempting tourists

Film France launches conference

Film France, Gaul’s national film commission, has teamed with the Odit France, part of its Ministry of Tourism, to launch France’s first-ever Film and Tourism Conference.

An international confab, focusing on the many ties between tourism and film shoots, the meet runs June 4-5 in Marseilles.

The Conference comes as France is about to offer 20% tax rebates for international shoots in Gaul, a historic decision. Also, there’s a building awareness of the huge impact of shoots on tourism. At a Cannes presentation Friday of the Conference and guide, Frederic Tambon, Odit head of development, cited a study that 62% of tourist visits in France are influenced by movies.

Some regions are already reacting to imminent new tax rebates for foreign shoots. Cognac is offering a 13% rebate on local spend, on top of the 20% rebate and capped at $132,000, to the first foreign shoot rolling there this year, said Pascal Perennes, director of Poitou-Charentes Cinema.