France stages 3-D Mozart spectacle

'Don Giovanni' to be shown live in theaters

BRUSSELS — French opera fans can watch Mozart’s “Don Giovanni” live and direct in 3-D Tuesday evening at selected locations across the country.

Performance takes place at the Opera in Rennes, Brittany, and is being beamed by satellite to screens in Paris, Brest and Avignon. The performance will also open the Dimension 3 industry conference in Paris.

Ticket prices for the public vary from €20 ($29) in Avignon to free-entry in Brest.

Technical know-how is provided by France Telecom’s Orange, drawn into live 3-D events by its broadcast interests. In 2008, it experimented with tennis at Roland Garros, and in April this year covered its first live soccer match in 3-D.

Capturing “Don Giovanni” will involve four sets of 3-D cameras, allowing different points of view on the action. Sound is also being specially recorded to give a sense of space.

For the Rennes Opera, Tuesday’s event is about broadening the audience. Rennes town hall is being equipped with 3-D to screen the performance, and a local cinema will replay the event later in the month.

The show will also play in 2-D on a huge outdoor screen, on local TV and Orange’s Mezzo satellite channel.