‘Terminator’ takes top Korean spot

Politician's suicide leaves box office untouched

SEOUL — “Terminator Salvation” swept all before it at the South Korean box office this weekend.

B.O. seemed unaffected by the shock caused by the suicide of former president Roh Moo-hyun on Saturday morning.

Pic scored the biggest opening day record of the year with 270,000 admissions, and cumed $7.4 million during its four-day run on 789 screens handled by Lotte Entertainment.

Lotte, which used to trail behind CJ Entertainment and Showbox in the distributor rankings, has become the new distribution powerhouse in Korea since December, with three consecutive box-office successes, “Scandal Makers,” “My Girlfriend Is an Agent” and now “Terminator Salvation.”

Tom Hanks starrer “Angels & Demons” dropped to No. 2 in its second weekend, adding $1.4 million from 280,000 weekend admissions on 527 screens; cume is $6.7 million.

“My Girlfriend Is an Agent” stayed at No.3, adding $1.1 million and cuming $18.1 million from more than 3.5 million admissions. Another local pic, “Castaway on the Moon,” ranked at No.4 in its second weekend, grossing $2.8 million to date for the distributor Cinemaservice.

Meanwhile, Cannes jury prize winner “Thirst” took seventh place with $216,000 from 42,000 weekend admissions on 299 screens, cuming $10.9 million. Box office observers expect the pic to bounce back thanks to the Cannes award.