Pleshette_suzanneThis star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame will have a special group of sponsors. They are the friends of Suzanne Pleshette who have “chipped in,” she tells me, to give her star on her 71st birthday, Jan. 31. The presentation will be made in front of Frederick’s of Hollywood to Pleshette’s delight. She laughed, “It’ll be tits, tits and more tits!”

Johnny Grant told me: “Tina Sinatra came to me with an idea that friends wanted to do this for Suzanne. I got the (Star) committee together immediately (two months ago) and had no problem getting approval.” 

It’s no secret Suzanne has been battling cancer and had undergone chemotherapy last year. While her appearances have been very few, she did participate in the tribute to her longtime costar and friend Bob Newhart at the Museum of Television and Radio in Beverly Hills, and as usual, she brought down the house with her down-to-earth bawdy humor. I must say Suzanne was her same upbeat self today when we spoke on the phone, promising to  “put on some lipstick  to be there.” And Grant also promised, “Even if she can’t make it–we’ll pipe in the ceremony to her bedside.” I’m betting she’ll be at Frederick’s.”You’ll find it easily,” she told me,”instead of a flag outside, a bra will be flying!”