I happened on this early sample of campaign comedy printed in my column of Oct.2, 1968:

John Wayne was first queried on his rumored running for vice-president with George Wallace while lying underneath a horse (that’s correct, underneath a horse!) on the “True Grit” site in Montrose, Colo.  Wayne’s first comment was, “What a helluva time to ask me a question like that!” He then answered with the classic and somewhat unprintable answer “Bull–“!  (Described as a ‘barnyard phrase by wire services)…

Wayne had told us after his visit to the Republican Convention he would never run for political office, despite his always-active interest… As for the Wallace invite, he joked yesterday afternoon, “I asked him to send me a script, and I also asked Pilar-bird — but she said NO”! Wayne didn’t think it would sound too well for the vice-presidential yacht to be named “The Wild Goose” — the monicker of his converted minesweeper.

Ah, forty years later, politics continue to makes strange bedfellows.