Dunne_dominickDominick Dunne says he “Found out things I’d never known before” during his stay in Paris and London while researching the tragedy of Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed, which he chronicles in his February Vanity Fair column. But starting next week, Dunne takes a month off from his pillar as he begins a six-week regimen of bladder cancer treatments. He is in excellent physical condition and all signs are positive for a successful program. He will be in Hollywood to attend the Vanity Fair Oscar party, which this year moves to Craft in Century City. There will be a tent (or other covering) to accommodate the celeb crowd which will (or will not) have attended a WGA-strike-bound Oscar ceremony. Morton’s, the home of Graydon Carter’s parties, has closed and on Friday, Pam Morton turns over the keys to the new owners,  the private club Soho House (of London). It is not expected to be ready until late 2009. The departure of Morton’s adds another sad chapter to the slimming menu of Hollywood’s popular eateries and its restauranteurs — Chasen’s, the Bistro Garden and Bistro on Canon, Perino’s, Romanoffs, the Luau, Scandia, the Brown Derby, the Villa Capri, Ma Maison — and of course, Ciro’s, the Mocambo and the Cocoanut Grove. Fortunately, we still have Dan Tana’s… and Dan.