The “Sun” shines again

Neil Simon’s “The Sunshine Boys” will again be giving audiences something to laugh about. Richard Benjamin and George Segal will star.

Benamin plays “Willy Clark,” the role played on screen by Walter Matthau and Segal is “Al Lewis,” played by George Burns. In the film, Benjamin played “Ben Clark,” Burns’ and Matthau’s agent and now Benjamin’s son, Ross, will play that role 31 years after his father costarred in the film directed by Herb Ross.

Benjamin recalls shooting the film on locations in N.Y. and at MGM studios in Culver City where he’d lunch every day in the commissary with George Burns. “He’d tell me the same joke every day,” recalls Benjamin, “– and I laughed every time.” He re-told me the joke today — and we laughed another time! I can’t wait to see Benjamin and Segal in “The Sunshine Boys” at the Odyssey theater — sometime in March. Stay tuned.