Palin_army_real Katie Couric gets tough in her interview with Sarah Palin on tonight’s  CBS Evening News, “I’m just going to ask you  one more time, not to belabor the point. Specific examples  in his (McCain’s) 26 years  of pushing for more regulations?” Palin: “I’ll try to find you some and I’ll bring them to you.”  Meanwhile, today’s non-stop Republican newsmakers made it difficult, even for Lorne Michaels’ usual Wednesday preparatiions for the upcoming ‘Saturday Night Live’ –and possible guest stars–like mebbe (Emmy-winner) Tina Fey’s return as Sarah Palin. “SNL”had been counting on some takeoffs from the McCain-Obama debate–mebbe still?

Comings and Goings:

Sylvester Stallone wings out of L.A. today for Zurich where he’ll receive the inaugural Golden Icon Award at the their annual film fest, Friday.  He’ll linger to also teach a master class in filmaking. We saw Sly the other day when he was lunching at his regular table at Beverly Hills’ Cafe Roma. At 62, he looks half that age–he continues non-stop training. He was bubbling over with enthusiasm on film plans with producer Kevin King  following his huge successes of “Rambo 4” and “Rocky Balboa.”  “No one but Sly could have weathered the difficult Burma locations of ”Rambo’,” said King. “He is the consummate filmmaker.”  Sly exuberantly told me he  will assemble the world’s top international action stars for his next film, which he has written and will, of course, direct.  King tells me Avi Lerner will again lead the  financing.

Just back from Hamburg and Bucharest, and heading to Paris is Eric Braeden, “Young and Restless'” star Victor Newman for 28 years. In Paris,he’ll be searchng the footsteps of his last, tragic love.  Braden tells me “Y&R” is a favorite in France–as it was also in  the two Eurpeam Cities he just visited where he  showed his feature film, “The Man Who Came Back.” He exec produced  and stars in the pic with Billy Zane, Armand Assante,  George Kennedy, Sean Young, Jennifer O’Dell, and James Patrick Stewart.  It will preem at the New Orleans Film Festival, Oct.15 and be released on DVD Dec.9 from Lionsgate. Braeden says it was always planned for DVD release. He returns to primetime tv as guestar in CBS’ “How I Met Your Mother” as the father of actress Cobie Smulders who stars as Robin. He  tapes at 20th tomorrow and Friday returns  to “Y&R” as– Victor Newman.