Dick Van Dyke sent personal apologies to longtime friends Barbara Walters and Jim Petersen, the young producer of “The Wonder Kids.” Dick planned to guest on “The View” this week to help promote the wonderful “Wonder Kids” docu — while also reminiscing with longtime friend and fellow morning show worker, Walters. But Dick is stricken with bronchitis and was forbidden by his doctor to fly to N.Y. Last week, the generous Van Dyke worked on a sound stage in Burbank where a portion of the (original) Hollywood sign was duplicated. He was playing the title role in a period short film titled “The Caretaker,” looking appropriately costumed while changing one of the sign’s “star” bulbs — a tribute to Jean Harlow. The short is filmed using a new 3-D process and Van Dyke tells me it is spectacular. “The Caretaker’s” producer/co-screenwriter Jeff Amaral tells me Van Dyke was generous in not only starring in the film — but also entertaining the company between takes. “I can’t tell you how great he was.” But today, Dick is(temporarily) sidelined. Best wishes, Dick.