I can’t wait to hear the repartee between Barbara Walters and Dick Van Dyke when he guests on “The View,” Sept. 19. Dick has been invited on the show to relate the story behind “The Wonder Years.” It’s the sensaysh, heart-warming story about Paul and Arlene Kennedy’s dance (tap) school in the heart of L.A. I saw this generously Van Dyke-hosted movie which so moved him, he later showed up to take tap lessons with the kids — and Arlene.  (Paul Kennedy is now deceased.)  The film by Jim Petersen and Pamela J. Richardson will screen that same night at the N.Y. International Independent Film Festival, where it will hopefully get a well-deserved distribution.

But that’s not the only thing Barbara and Dick can/will talk about. They can recall the days in 1956 when Van Dyke, newly signed by CBS, was assigned as anchorman on the web’s morning show. “They didn’t know what to do with me — and I didn’t know what to do either,” he laughs. Years later, on a photo of Van Dyke with Cronkite, Walter inscribed to Dick, “”How did you ever make it without me!”  Also working on that morning show, Dick recalls, “There was a young news copy writer. It was Barbara Walters.” Dick could now inscribe on a picture of the two of them, “How did you ever make it without ME?” Tune in on the 19th to get the scoop on the above friends.