Douglas_kirkIt is a treat to watch theater in the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City. It is more of a treat to watch it with Kirk and Anne Douglas–seated in the front row. That’s where they always sit. And that’s where they applaud generously and visibly. So it was again Sunday night at the bow of ”The Civilians’ ‘This Beautiful City.” We were their guests and seated alongside the appreciative Douglases. And there was much to discuss afterwards at supper since the play reflects the troupe’s reflections and reactions to their time spent with the “people of Colorado Springs who participated in the creation of this play. In addition to the various dialogs with the locals from church leader to Park rangers and the flawless electronic stage settings identified  the New Life Church and other local  (Colorado Springs) locations  in timely (and supervigorous) challenges to the legality of  church and state. The troupe involved the audience with (invited) audible reactions regularly.
Douglas’ pride in the theater was further enjoyed by us as we later talked about yet another presentation on these boards. Kirk told of the success of “13.” It was readied for its bow at the Mark Taper after valuable workshop at the Kirk Douglas. It officially opened at the other CTG stage, the Taper) on Jan.7, 2007.  The reviews were ecstatic, Variety’s Bob Verini called it ”sheer bliss.” And now it makes its bow on B’way at the  Bernard B. Jacobs,  Sunday, Oct.5.