Michael Levine, who praises celebrities for a living, was happy to congratulate himself to me. The college dropout, whose prose and praises have flattered a long list of top showbiz celebrities, told me he’d received an invite to speak at Oxford college. He will speak to students Oct.14, offering them his insights and know-how on the current state of the American media and career advice on how the students can break into the world of the entertainment media.

Levine says he got the speaking engagement through an agent, Seamus Lyte, “who is friends with the people at Oxford.”  He’ll also be speaking “about how the American media effects modern society.” As for British media, Levine admitted, “For better or for worse, they’re even spicier and more irreverent than American media. I have long ago made peace with that fact.”  Levine, who is the author of 19 books, joins a long list of prestigious speakers who have addressed the students–including former Presidents, Prime Ministers and Nobel Prize Winners. I look forward to Levine’s report on the Oxford students’ questions.