Oj_army The phone rang at Dominick Dunne’s bedside at 2 am Saturday morning. He was home in N.Y., having left Las Vegas and the second courtroom drama starring O.J.Simpson, which he was covering for Vanity Fair. He was not on hand to hear the “guilty”  decisions  by the jury. He agreed, he told me, with their decisions. Just as he had disagreed with the “not guilty” decision by the jury at his murders trial 13 years ago. While he was not in the Vegas courtroom for the jury reading, he said he turned on the tv immediately.

Dunne departed Las Vegas last Saturday when his doctor told him to go back home. He enters a N.Y. hospital Monday for a biopsy on the bladder ailment under which he has been suffering. Despite the pain and discomfort, he continued to cover the case until a week ago.  When I spoke to him today, he was working away non-stop to finish his Vanity Fair story before entering the hospital. In the piece, he will tell of his conversation with O.J. at this trial. Over the (13) years since the first trial, Dunne said he’d  “become friends”with his sisters “even though they knew I disagreed with the verdict. Carmelita told me ‘We never read your book–even though we bought it’. She is one of the nicest women I ever met,”  Dunne said. “They run a bible class.”

Yes, author Dunne plans to be well and on hand  for Clark County District  Jackie Glass’ sentencing of Simpson in December. We wish him well–Dominick, that is.