The Landmark Theater in Westwood switches to live drama Thursday when one of its theaters will bigscreen, “live,” (6 p.m.) the vice-presidential debate. Following will be the dramatic reading of “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted For Helen Gahagan Douglas” — the actress-turned Congresswoman. The screening of the TV’d debate is free and ducats for the presentation “Don’t Blame Me” and a reception are $100 to benefit “The Nation.” 

The play reminds us of the dirty politix of the Nixon campaign vs. Douglas for a U.S. Senate seat. She was accused of being a “Red Communist” (which she was not) and tabbed, “The Pink Lady.” And “Tricky Dick” was tagged irrevocably on Richard Nixon. Nevertheless, he won and went on from Senate seat to White House office. Performing the real life characters will be  Wendie Malick, Charles Shaughnessy, Patrick Breen and Michael Dutra in the play written by Wendy Kout and Michele Wilens. If the hackles are rising as you listen to claims made by some of today’s candidates, you ain’t heard nothing till you hear the outrages of the 1950 campaign. But mebbe we ain’t heard nothing yet. Stay tuned.