I was standing alongside Buzz Aldrin and we were looking at the moon. He and wife Lois were hosting a “Full Moon Party” Tuesday night in their glamorous condo on the Wilshire Corridor for a group of glamorous friends. The night was perfect for full moon viewing from the Aldrins’ terrace. It was difficult to realize that my friend, standing alongside me and chatting about the future of space travel, was someone who had been 20,000 miles away on July 20, 1969, walking on the moon. It was hard to capture how he felt then — and now — about it. 

Inside the Aldrins’ condo, I was overwhelmed visiting Buzz’s office. It is bursting with memorabilia of his illustrious career, before, during and since that memorable experience in which he was viewed by the largest television audience of all time. Since then, he has traveled non-stop speaking to/for interested groups around the world — always something new and different.  On Wednesday, he flew to Dallas for a meeting with Radio Shack which introduced the Buzz Aldrin Edition Radio. He continues to dates in Washington, Memphis and then N.Y for NASA’s 50th anniversary celebration on Sept. 24.

He’s also a star: in books, movies, documentaries, cartoons, and web sites.  He interests and influences leaders, scientists, teachers, and children. His passion is the future of space exploration. And as for the future, on July 20, 2009, Apollo XI celebrates its 40th anniversary. Buzz, fly ME to the moon.