She was the oldest (62) female contestant on “Dancing With The Stars” until Cloris Leachman (82) entered the fray. And now, the glamorous Priscilla Presley tackles another side of showbiz — as a movie producer. She is heading a project to biopic Jeff Buckley, the unique singer who died in a drowning accident, in Memphis in  1997 at the age of 31. Priscilla has met  with Buckley’s mother, who is also the widow of offbeat singer Jim Buckley, and is readying to assign a writer. She is also arranging the financing. “I have many new things to learn,” she admitted. But she is obviously no stranger to the world of music.

It’s also family time for Priscilla as daughter Lisa Marie (40) is expecting (momentarily) the arrival of twins. She is already the mother of a son and daughter. “We’re all very excited,” Priscilla says of the twin phenomenon in the family. “Elvis was a twin,” she reminded me — but his twin died at birth. “And I have twin brothers,” she added enthusiastically. She is maintaining the secrecy of the sex of Lisa Marie’s arrivals. In the interim, she retells the difficulty of the family in achieving any privacy in this period which was compounded by her exposure on “Dancing With The Stars” last March-April. “We had no private life at all. But I’m OK now.” She’ll soon receive international exposure once again as she is to be feted at Cairo’s International Film, Nov.18-28. It is her first visit to Egypt and she is (understandably) very excited about visiting the country. (see www.Cairofilmfest.org ).