1957: Problems plague ‘King Gun’

A look back at past issues on West film

Sept. 18, 1967>

GOOD MORNING: $150,000 plus a percentage for three weeks’ work is Adam West’s for the feature “King Gun” — if weather and union problems can be squared away to start the Mexico-made film. Or, if Howie Horwitz, Bill Dozier and 20th boss Richard Zanuck will extend his “Batman” hiatus before-mentioned difficulties are, sez West, hopefully dispersed … The parade of names to guestar in “Batman” continues. Among those who will be asked to appear — during her L.A. legal visit — is Gloria Swanson … And Otto Preminger, great as “Mr. Freeze,” gets a return invite. After his guestint, Preminger asked to bring visitors on the set … (2008 Update: I reached West at his home in Ketchum, Idaho, where he and wife Marcelle own a charming boutique, Maison et Cadeaux, patronized by celebs like Bruce Willis and the Arnold Schwarzeneggers. He and Marcelle had driven from their other homes in Palm Springs and Las Vegas to Ketchum for the holidays. West happily told me, “Lately, I’ve been working a lot. But I had struggled. After I was the hottest thing in the country for two-three years I had a ‘black period’ for five years. But when they threw enough money at me, I put on the costume again and toured the world. I developed an enormous new younger audience. I did regional theater as well — anything to just get away.” He hosts regional film festivals, does several cartoon voices, commercials and features but was never invited to appear in any of the “Batman” bigscreeners. “I guess they were too jealous,” he laughed. West recalls the many star guestars on his series –yes, even a seg in which yours truly appeared. Looking backward — and ahead — West tells me, “I’m just a very lucky guy.”)