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“The Wire”: Episode 4, “Transitions”


R.I.P. Proposition Joe — the street just lost a class act.

Sure, Prop Joe was a drug pusher and lived off the misfortune of others, yet, if things had turned differently when he was young, Joe could’ve easily been an English professor at Johns Hopkins or expert on the economy. The man knew of what he spoke and his “associates” rarely appreciated how much he had to offer.

Unfortuntely, he got caught in Marlo’s sights and his end was inevitable. Unlike in season’s past, he couldn’t talk himself out of this predicament and just closed his eyes and took it in the back of the head.

Joe was old school, when killing was only done out of necessity, not for greed or pleasure, and maybe that’s why the Greeks had such an afinity for him — and why Marlo’s association with the Greeks seems doomed from the start.

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