“The Wire”: Episode 3, “Not for Attribution”

WiretempletonOh, he’s a dog, that Scott Templeton. A pompous dog. On the heels of last week’s fabrication of the wheelchair-bound 13-year-old kid who was heartbroken (cue the violins) after failing to get into the Orioles’ opening day game, Templeton’s back in the fiction biz this week in the third seg of The Wire,” “Not for Attribution.”

Mr. Entitlement is pissed off once again that he’s relegated to reaction quotes on a big story about a shakeup in the police commissioners office, so he comes up with an incendiary blind quote that he claims is from city council prez Nerese Campbell. One thing that doesn’t quite ring true is that Baltimore Sun city editor Gus Haynes, who insists that Templeton tell him the source of the quote, would instinctively question why a political pro like Campell would let loose to a relatively inexperienced reporter that she doesn’t know that well — not even the paper’s City Hall beat reporter. But we can let that one go, for now. (Knowing what a dyed-in-the-wool journo “Wire” creator/exec producer David Simon is at heart, we’re counting on him to devise some particularly cruel form of punishment for Mr. Entitlement by season’s end.)

“Twigg’s not the only guy with game around here,” Templeton, played to sniveling perfection by Tom McCarthy (pictured above), tells Clark Johnson’s Gus.