‘The Ex List’ now has an ex-showrunner

Ex_2 Yet-to-bow CBS series “The Ex List” has already seen a major defection. Diane Ruggiero has quit as showrunner of the hourlong dramedy, which stars Elizabeth Reaser as Bella, a single woman who’s told by a psychic that she’s already met and dated her soulmate — and that they have a year to reconnect if she ever wishes to wed.

Executive producer Rick Eid will take over Ruggiero’s duties. Variety‘s TV editor Michael Schneider has the whole story here.

The show received decidedly mixed reviews from our Season Pass panel, with the women sparking to it a whole lot more than the guys.

The exit of a top producer this early on rarely bodes well for a new show but I, for one, am hoping it doesn’t spell disaster for what I thought was a flawed, but promising, concept.

— Kathy Lyford