“Swingtown”: It’s been a fun summer, but now what?


** Spoiler alert ** Don’t read this if you’re a “Swingtown” fan and haven’t seen the finale.

Kudos to “Swingtown’s” creative stewards for wrapping up the series last week in a satisfying a way. Instead of the pulling out the old trick of “let’s leave ’em on a cliffhanger so the fans will raise a ruckus for renewal,” exec producers Mike Kelley, Alan Poul and Carol Barbee gave us conclusions for the show’s three central couples: Susan and Bruce Miller, Janet and Roger Thompson and the fun-loving Trina and Tom Decker.

So the real cliffhanger for viewers is: Does “Swingtown” go down as a 13-part miniseries — beach reading for the summer of ’08 — or does it get an eleventh-hour renewal?

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