Suzanne Pleshette: Oh, Bob! We’re gonna miss you

PleshettepostonRest in peace, Suzanne Pleshette. What a great actress, saucy but always kinda sweet, too. She was so good, she made anything she appeared in that much better. Pleshette, who died Saturday at the age of 70, was the only reason I watched more than 5 minutes of the forgettable NBC sitcom “Good Morning Miami” a few seasons ago. And she was a laugh riot a few months back at “The Bob Newhart Show” reunion held at the Paley Center for Media. (Click here for that post.)

Pleshette had been through a lot in the past year, with the death of her third husband, comedian-actor Tom Poston, and her own cancer treatments, but she was upbeat and funny, letting loose with that famous signature laugh of hers. They way those “Bob Newhart” cast members were gushing about one another that night in September, I know Bob Newhart, Bill Daily, Jack Riley, Marcia Wallace and probably every one else who worked on “Bob Newhart” are feeling a huge loss this ayem, as are Pleshette fans around the world.