Super Tuesday: Tallying the Nielsen delegates

Keitholbermannsupertues_2The cable newsers cleaned up, but Super Tuesday coverage was a snore for the broadcast webs, as Variety’s chief Nielsen pollster, Rick Kissell, reports. The drama of Clinton vs. Obama and McCain vs. Romney vs. Huckabee was no match for the “American Idol” and “House.”

I spent most of my time on the upper end of the dial, have to admit, though it was nice to see Tom “silver fox” Brokaw back on NBC News. I flipped around quite a bit, and for money the best news delivery mixed with insta analysis came from the MSNBC team led by Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann (pictured left).

As others have noted, CNN’s John King was impressive with his mastery of the county-by-county combat in various states. And CNN gets the win for grooviest interactive graphics with the touch screen states that King and Wolf Blitzer were all over last night.

All told, a big night of news for the Democratic race translated into a win for Dem-leaning CNN, with an average of 3.64 million viewers for its primetime coverage. FNC was a close second with 3.49 million average, followed by MSNBC with 2.11 million.