Sarah Palin: A gift to latenight comics

Sarah Palin has been the gift that keeps on giving as far as latenight joksters are concerned.

Anne Thompson has posted a LOL roundup of all the Palin quips that have flown during the past few nights. I got a kick out of the clips of Palin in her big-hair local TV sportscasting days, but my favorite Palin find on YouTube so far is a vidclip that she sent into to CBS’ “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” in June of last year, when Craig was on his campaign to become an honorary citizen in every city in the U.S. (That was before he became a full-bodied citizen of the U.S. of A. earlier this year.)

Palin sent in a vid message to “Late Late Show” in June making Craig an honorary citizen of Alaska. “This is God’s country,” she informs him. She invites him to come up to the wilderness and “we’ll show you what fishing’s all about. We’ll let you partake of rich, succulent wild Alaskan salmon.”

Ferguson demonstrates the sharpness of his observational skills in asking his aud, “Is it just me or do you get a kind of naughty-librarian vibe from the governor?”