Saddam dramatized in ‘Resolution’

Iraqi docudrama covers dictator's last hours

LONDON — Iraqi satcaster Al Sumaria is trying to come to terms with the country’s dark history with “The Final Resolution,” an in-depth docudrama recounting the last dramatic hours of Saddam Hussein.

Project recounts key events in the last years of Saddam Hussein’s rule, including his fall and capture by U.S. troops, trial period and eventual execution in 2006.

More than 60 actors took part in the production, which was funded and produced by Al-Sumaria, one of the most popular entertainment channels in Iraq.

Project, which took seven months to complete, lensed in Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria.

“The Final Resolution” premieres on Nov. 19. It is split into four feature-length episodes of two hours each plus a fifth episode that will be broadcast live and invite an on-air debate from critics and auds.

It marks the first time that an Iraqi channel has dealt so directly and extensively with the legacy of former dictator Saddam Hussein.