SABC gameshow milks nostalgia

Network to launch 'Where Were You'

JOHANNESBURG –Pubcaster SABC 2 is aiming to rekindle memories of the launch of TV in South Africa during the 1970s with its weekly gameshow “Where Were You.”

South Africa was one of the last countries in the world to introduce television, with the first nationwide South African Broadcasting Corp. broadcasts starting only in 1976.

With broadcasts for only a few hours in the evening on just one channel, the nation gathered around TV sets to watch the same shows such as “Dallas,” “Knight Rider” and local hit “Nommer Asseblief?” (Number Please?). These quickly became part of a new popular culture still remembered nostalgically.

“Where Were You?,” which launched Sept. 5 and airs Fridays at 9:30 p.m., is focusing on this nostalgia by testing people, including local celebrities, on their knowledge of the past 30 years of South African television broadcasts using archival video material and soundbites.

Director Thabo Khambule said it was “a simple yet powerful show that sets to reflect our history. It sparked some nostalgic feelings in me that I cannot begin to explain.”