Russia’s CTC moves into Moldova

Show will relaunch in the format this year

MOSCOW — Nasdaq-quoted Russian TV company CTC Media is continuing its expansion around the former USSR, acquiring a 51% interest in Moldova’s broadcasting group Teledixi and Muzic Ramil SRL for $4.1 million.

It will relaunch in the CTC format this year.

In Russia, Moscow-based CTC Media runs flagship entertainment channel CTC, which ranks fourth in national ratings, plus femme-skewed Domashny and DTV, which it recently acquired and is building a niche as a male-themed station.

Over the past year CTC Media has branched out into the Central Asian republics of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

In Kazakhstan, where it acquired a majority stake in Channel 31, ratings have jumped since new CTC programming came on line. The Uzbek venture was a start-up new channel.

“Moldova is a country with a growing economy and the potential for future growth in the television advertising market,” said CEO Anton Kudryashov, who recently took over from Alexander Rodnyansky.

The territory isn’t large, with a population of around 4.3 million, and economic circumstances are strained.

But Teledixi general director Dan Lozovan is upbeat. “Our partnership with CTC Media allows us to meet our viewers’ expectations for high-quality content. I am optimistic that the combination of our successful local production and CTC’s proven programming will enhance the channel’s appeal to both viewers and advertisers.”