Reaper_1408_2A month after its most recent airing, I finally finished catching up with “Reaper” early this morning.  Talk about coming back from the dead, or near-dead.

At one point, I had five episodes on hold at my DVR, and I can’t say I didn’t think of ditching them entirely. After a highly entertaining pilot, the show seemed to treadmill itself.

So call this one that the WGA strike saved for me. With few other options — and even after reading a book or three — I returned to “Reaper,” and found that in its most recent few episodes, it had discovered how to evolve. It became a show more about its characters than its plots, always a good sign — not that there haven’t been clever twists in the storylines. The banter between the main players became particularly seamless, and sidekick’s sidekick Rick Gonzalez (Ben) truly developed into much more than a third wheel. It’s an ensemble show without half the typical self-consciousness.

I’m really eager to see what happens next.  I just hope the crew gets the opportunity to shoot even more episodes sometime this century.

— Jon Weisman