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‘Twilight’: ‘Being a part of something this popular has truly been a gift’

Saturday update: Good news “Twilight” fans – this morning Summit Entertainment announced it is moving forward on production of the next film in the franchise, “New Moon,” based on the second novel in Stephenie Meyer’s series.

Posted by Kathy Lyford

“Twilight’s” Rachelle Lefevre, who plays menacing vampire Victoria, has had a crazy week. And she still took time out to answer your questions. We all owe her a big thank you!

Over the last few years, I’ve watched Rachelle’s career take off. She’s been on lots of auditions, booked several jobs and has had a few disappointments. Through it all she’s remained positive, focused and determined.

About a year ago, when she told me she’d gotten a job working on a vampire movie based on Stephenie Meyer’s series of books, I had a feeling it was going to be something very big for her. So it was a real treat for me to be there at the premiere of “Twilight” on Monday night and watch her enjoy all the hype and adulation surrounding the film. The pictures here are from the red carpet.

I hope all you fans enjoy the Q&A and that you loved the movie! Some of you may still be standing in line at your local theater to get a chance to see it.

We’ll start with a TV question, since that’s what this blog is all about…

Q. You are truly one of my favorite people to see on the TV screen and always love when your name appears as a guest star for a given episode. Now that you are involved with such a big film, will you be concentrating more on movies or can we still look forward to seeing you on TV? And if you were to get a part in a series, would you prefer a comedy or drama? – Keith
A. Thank you so much for all your support! My first love really is film. I love the idea of giving my all and really exploring something for a few months and then trying something else. That being said I have been building a career in TV for a while now and I’m so grateful for all the opportunities I have been given. I love doing arcs on shows because you get a chance to work with so many different actors and I’ve learned so much. I love TV and I will absolutely continue to look for interesting roles to play on the small screen. If I was lucky enough to be a series regular on a show I would prefer a drama, although I do love dramedy like “Grey’s Anatomy.”