‘Project Runway’: Spy games

The designers are told they’ll be designing for a “fashion legend” and are taken on a field trip to meet said legend.

Blaine, being the ninny that he is, is convinced the fashion legend is Mary-Kate Olsen. Yeah, right.

In the Meatpacking District, the designers are met by the incomparable Diane von Furstenberg! (I worship Diane von Furstenberg.) The designers are overwhelmed… except for Blaine who really wanted it to be Mary-Kate. I wonder who explained to him who Diane von Furstenberg is. I’m guessing it was Kenley who was absolutely verklempt at the idea of designing for the fashion queen.

Diane’s challenge: Design a look inspired by her fall 2008 collection, A Foreign Affair, inspired by Marlene Dietrich’s 1948 film in which she portrays an actress/singer/spy in Berlin who escapes to Shanghai and then moves on New York. Lots of options there. And a 40s themed challenge? That’s right in Kenley’s wheelhouse.

SpyOufits I loved: Kenley’s lovely simple dress (even though it was just one piece); Korto’s dramatic black and white gown with just the right pop of bright yellow; and (at left) Leanne’s sexy dress with the surprising ruffles at the back (although the jacket was just so-so).

Not so much: Joe’s poorly tailored ensemble; Suede’s muumuu; Terri’s ill-fitting pants; Blaine’s riding get-up and Jerrel’s stewardess uniform. And, yes, Stella deserved to go home for her boring garb that did not even attempt to follow the extremely generous guidelines.

Front-runner: Still Korto, although Leanne is starting to win me over.

Most annoying: Blaine. No explanation necessary.

Shameless plug: American Express

Huh?: The American Express ad that ran right before the winner was announced featured a dress that looked an awful lot like Korto’s, leading me to believe Korto had won. What a surprise to see Leanne win after that.

Note: I’m sure glad Nina is back next week. Two weeks without her was too much.

— Kathy Lyford