‘Project Runway’: These are the finalists?

The assignment was a head-to-toe makeover for a recent college grad entering the job market. Only the mothers got their say as well.

Ugh. What a bunch of ugly outfits.

KenleyDesigns I loved: None

Designs I thought were OK: Jerell’s top, although I didn’t care for the skirt. (But why did he have birds nesting on his head?); Korto’s jacket, which would look hot with jeans, and her dress, which was cute on its own. Didn’t like them together. Leanne’s dress/jacket ensemble was OK, but kind of the same thing she always does. And, personally, I didn’t think Suede’s dress was that bad. The jacket was horrific, but the dress with OK, although inappropriate for a photographer.

Designs I hated: Joe’s martronly, poorly made suit. I don’t think even that poor girl’s mother would be caught dead in that thing. Also, and here’s where I differed with the judges again, Kenley’s dress was godawful. The print was like grandma’s sofa. The vest looked cheap. The belt looked cheaper. The width of the skirt added unnecessary girth to the girl. Ugh all around. And yet, the judges seemed to like it. What do I know? And what do you think?

Michael Kors’ best line: Regarding Joe’s creation, “It’s Faux Becky home ec-y.” Heh.

Most annoying designer: Oh, that’s so easy. Kenley with the inappropriate tears and laughter, the pouting and the disdain for advice (“I never listen to Tim”). She’s like a giant toddler with bright red lipstick.

Front-runner: Korto still with Jerrel hot on her tail. Leanne will fade, I think.

Joe is “outsie daisy,” as his daughter says. He was always a gentleman and didn’t deserve to be mocked by Kenley.

— Kathy Lyford