‘Project Runway’: It must be a sign

Did anyone notice Kenley without makeup? She looked like a different person. Still pretty, but totally different. Anyway, the designers gather to hear their assignment and … What on God’s green earth is Blayne wearing?! (Red skinny jeans, hot pink sweatshirt? Oh my).

Jerrel_2Heidi brings out some “special guests” and, guess what?, it’s all of the eliminated designers. They really are into the Old Home Week theme this season aren’t they? The challenge is to pair up with an eliminated designer to create an avant-garde look based on one of the team member’s zodiac signs. My immediate thoughts are: 1) Please don’t pair up Leanne with the other mousy girl; it will only confuse me and 2) I don’t like avant-garde and could care less about zodiac signs. This will be one long hour.

After a day and a half of work wherein it quickly became apparent why the eliminated designers had already been sent home, the designers are summoned to the Rose Center for Earth and Space at the Museum of Natural History to show off their designs to some former “PR” contestants. It’s nice to see some of them (Kara Janx, Daniel, Allison) but I could have lived without seeing others (Carmen and Christian – enough already with him!). I’m neutral on Jay and Robert. Those folks will pick the winner. Our regular panel of judges, plus Calvin Klein’s Francisco Costa, will decide which two designers are going home. That’s right, two.