“Generation Kill”: Folks, you’re really missing out


It hardly seems possible, following all the accolades David Simon and Ed Burns received for the final season of “The Wire,” but the duo’s current seven-part miniseries “Generation Kill” seems to be chugging along far underneath the radar.Genkill07simon_2

I can understand why: Iraq War films have been having a difficult time breaking through theatrically for awhile now, and the same reasons for their failure on the bigscreen — uncomfortable subject matter, violent, many view our invasion of Iraq as wrongheaded — make it a tough sell on TV too.

While watching anything Simon and Burns (pictured above) create is a given — the pair are currently putting together “Treme,” about the post-Katrina situation in New Orleans — the first “Gen Kill” episode wasn’t the easiest piece of material to digest. Characters were hard to distinguish from one another, dialogue was dense, there were a ton of military acronyms and the language was coarse.