Magazine throws me a curve

I got a bit annoyed while reading the latest issue of People magazine wherein the editors compare the “skinny” girls of the “90210” to the “curvy” young women of “Gossip Girl.”

Oh, People, cut it out! Why must you play this game and make women feel bad about their bodies? There are so many other ways you could have compared and contrasted the two CW teen dramas: Funky N.Y. style vs. casual L.A. style; school uniforms vs. wear what you want; catching a cab vs. driving a BMW. There must be others, I just frankly am tired of hearing the shows compared.

Please indulge me while I jump on my soapbox for a minute. Women’s bodies are beautiful, in all their various shapes and forms — thin, curvy, voluptuous, athletic, you name it. As long as she is healthy and has a modicum of self-esteem, a woman should be proud, regardless of size. Perpetuating the notion that there is but one standard for female beauty is dangerous and insulting. There, I’m done.

Yes, the lovely “90210” gals (right) are thin. But the ladies of “Gossip Girl,” gorgeous though they may be (there on the left), could hardly be called “curvy” — at least not outside the confines of Hollywood.


I would urge the folks over at People to spend a little more time with their televisions if they want to find shapely small-screen stars.

These, my friends, are curves:


Connie_2 Misstyra_4 Ferrera_3   

Heigl_2  Rebecca_2 


To reiterate, this is curvy…

Christina_0022_6There. I feel better now that I’ve gotten that off my chest.

— Kathy Lyford