“Mad Men” musical revue: The new Rat Pack


OK, it’s official: The supporting players on “Mad Men” are the new Rat Pack.

The “Night on the Town with ‘Mad Men'” musical revue the thesps pulled off tonight under the direction of David Carbonara, the series’ in-house composer, at the El Rey Theater was a rollicking and slightly risque good time. Best of all, the performers seemed to be having a blast, and it rubbed off on the crowd. It’s telling that so many of the show’s cast and crew members were in the aud and working the event, which was a fundraiser for the local chapter of the Recording Academy.

Madmenelreymurraycrop Joel Murray, aka Freddy Rumsen (pictured left), was an inspired choice as emcee.

“You look downright classy,” he complimented the crowd (many of us went with the spirit of the show by dressing retro). Drink in hand, Murray got the night off on the right note with a jazzy rendition of “Scotch and Soda.”

Apropos of the tune, Murray noted that the night was made possible through the kindness of “Mad Men” producer Lionsgate, plus a big check and many gallons of free booze provided by Chivas Regal. (Indeed, the band Carbonara led was dubbed the “Chivas 13.”)

“So keep sipping the Chivas — the more you sip, the smoother it’ll go down,” Murray advised. But he didn’t need to. Of the eleven performers who took the stage — plus special guest Inara George — there wasn’t a clinker on the bill. And the song selection was perfectly matched to their characters. The night was the brainchild of Carbonara, but he had a lot of help in pulling it together in a matter of weeks from “Mad Men” scribe Robin Veith and helmer Michael Uppendahl (pictured on far left of group shot above).Madmenelreymoses

Mark Moses, aka Duck Phillips (pictured right), followed Murray with a swing-y rendition of “Ain’t Love a Kick in the Head.” He noted that he was wearing his “Duck-edo — which comes smelling of booze and covered with ashes.”

Thrush George came out to lend her sweet voice to an uptempo take on “Manhattan” — no need to explain why, for this show.

Michael Gladis (pictured below) looked every inch Paul Kinsey as he strolled out wearing an acoustic guitar and a his tux shirt open with the bow tie dangling around his neck. He launched in to “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright” — and promptly stopped after about 15 seconds.

Madmenelreygladis“I fucked up the lyrics,” he admitted. The second time worked just fine (I always choke up a little at the line “I wish there was something you could do or say/to try and make me change my mind and stay,” and this version was no exception.)

Murray intro’d Alison Brie, aka Trudy Campbell, as a girl who really “looks good in pajamas.” She wasn’t in a teddy but rather a silky white dress, sexy gloves and faux fur boa that she put to good use while delivering a sassy take on “Daddy” — (“I want a brand new car, champagne, caviar”) — that would’ve made Sammy Kaye proud. Brie belted in a Broadway-ish way, but after the show she swore she’d never sung in front of an aud before.