“Mad Men” insights and other tidbits from Emmy-nommed scribes

Mad Men fanatics alert: Some swell tidbits were shared by series creator/exec producer Matthew Matthewweinerwga_3 Weiner and his assistant-turned-staff-writer Robin Veith during Wednesday night’s panel sesh with Emmy-nommed writers at the Writers Guild Theater in BevHills.

Most awesome, to my ears, was the anecdote that Veith shared about the unforgettable scene in the seg toward the end of season one where a stressed-out Betty Draper shocks her children by picking up a BB gun to shoot the neighbors pigeons as they fly overhead against a postcard-perfect blue sky. The neighbor had threatened to shoot the Draper’s new puppy after the dog got a hold of one of the pigeons.

Veith vividly remembers being a shocked at the age of 7 or 8 while growing up in “farm town Maryland”  when her own mother did the very same thing after her dog, Boo, snapped the neck of a pigeon kept by their very unpopular neighbor — whose birds were the scourge of their cul-de-sac.

“It was the greatest thing I’d ever seen,” Veith said, with obvious pride.

RobinveithwgaVeith (pictured left) gave us another insight relating to an element in this season’s segs that has generated a ton of commentary in “Mad Men” blog-o-sphere.

“Sally Draper mixing cocktails for her parents — that was me,” Veith said, noting that daiquiris were among her specialties. There was a momentary hush in the aud.

Another funny bit relating to a plot point from the first-season finale, “The Wheel,” for which Veith and Weiner (pictured above) are nommed (Weiner’s also up for the pilot): Weiner bought an actual “Relaxercizer” machine that he found in a thrift store more than three years ago, before “Mad Men” was even set up at AMC, with the idea that he would use it in the show one day.

“That’s how I work,” he said.