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“Mad Men”: Episode 11, “The Jet Set”


Let’s call this one “The Hobo Code,” part II, in which ourMad Men hero Don Draper runs away from his problems in New York, runs away some more and then gets smacked in the face with Palm Springs heat and the reality of how his actions are likely to affect his kids.

Episode 11, “The Jet Set,” is one of those intriguing hours of the show in which at first it doesn’t seem like much is happening, but on reflection there’s a whole lot of moving and shaking below the surface.

In this seg, penned by Matthew Weiner and helmed by Phil Abraham, we learn, to use Ken Cosgrove’s shorthand, that “Kurt’s a homo,” and that Peggy Olson with her strict Catholic upbringing is a model of tolerance and respect for diversity (Can we enlist Peggy to help fight California’s evil anti-same sex marriage initiative, Prop. 8?).

We learn that Duck Phillips really is an incredible schemer, with a few martinis in his belly, and it sure seems like he’s been laying in wait for his attemped Sterling Cooper coup attempt for a while.

We learn that Jane Siegel really shouldn’t be writing poetry. We learn that Pete Campbell is just not a West Coast kind of guy. And in the most tantalizing tidbit, we learn there’s someone out there somewhere that Dick Whitman, not Don Draper, wants to see — “soon.”

There’s lots more to digest.