‘Mad Men’: Drink it in

Posted by Kathy Lyford

Madmen_3 Mad Men showrunner Matthew Weiner will be answering reader questions right here on Season Pass.

By now you’ve probably all gotten a sense of just how much we at Season Pass, and Variety at large, love this show. Check out our analysis and recaps at my esteemed colleague Cynthia Littleton’s On the Air blog. I am very excited by this opportunity, as I hope you are.

With a show this intricate and attentive to detail, I am expecting some really creative and clever questions from you all — something beyond “Jon Hamm is really hot. What’s it like to work with him?”

So there you go, you’ve been challenged.

Here’s how it works:

1) Click the comment button below and leave your question by Tuesday at midnight.
2) Read through the other comments so you aren’t repeating a question that’s already been asked.
3) You may ask more than one question but that won’t boost your chances of seeing your questions answered. I try to be fair and let lots of folks have a chance.
4) On Wednesday I will choose the 20 best questions to present to Mr. Weiner, who will then answer at least 10 of them.
5) On Monday, Oct. 20 I will post the answers.
6) Any changes to this timeline due to unforeseen circumstances or conflicts with Mr. Weiner’s schedule will be added to this post as necessary.

Thanks for participating and have fun!


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